Psychological Trauma can result after an individual experiences or witnesses a specific incident (car accident, assault, natural disaster, combat-related events) or after prolonged or repetitive interpersonal stressors (physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in childhood, substance abuse or severe mental illness in caregivers, workplace discrimination, bullying, domestic violence).

Trauma impacts each individual differently. In a safe and compassionate manner, I will work with you to  understand the symptoms, adaptations, and difficulties you are experiencing as a result of your trauma. My goal is that you will be able to integrate your traumatic experiences in a way that enables you to move past these traumatic events. Trauma can be healed.

Often those affected by trauma experience...

Depression, irritability and decreased concentration
Feelings of agitation or emotional numbness
Shame and/or self-loathing
Social anxiety and/or panic attacks
Chronic pain
Intrusive thoughts and memories

Psychotherapy can help